Note : This facility is only for Vikhe Patil Memorial School (Pune) parents.
DONOR : Is a parent who is ready to donate his/her ward’s books.
RECEIVER : Is a parent who requires books
SUMMARY : It shows the request sent by the receiver to the donor
1. How can I become a Donor ?
Click on Donor tab and enter your details. (*) are mandatory fields
2. How can I become a Receiver ?
Click on Donor tab below you can see list of donor's. Use the filter option to find appropriate book donor as per your requirement. Click on "I Want It". It will navigate you to the Receiver information form. Enter your details and summary will show your request.
3. How should I collect the books from the donor ?
The donor information is given in the summary tab, you need to directly get in touch with the donor and collect the books. PTA or the School will not be coordinating this activity.